Foreign investment in France. The international development of the French economy”.

Business France today published its “2017 Annual Report: Foreign investment in France. The international development of the French economy”.

In 2017, France basked in the renewed confidence of foreign investors, whose investment decisions were an acknowledgement of France’s potential, highlighting the country’s key strengths in various job-creating and high value-added sectors.

On average, 25 foreign investment decisions were made in France every week throughout the year. France attracted a total of 1,298 new job-creating foreign investments in 2017 – up 16% from the previous year – that created or maintained 33,489 jobs.

France’s strong performance is due to a solid rebound in how potentially attractive France is seen on a whole host of criteria, including the business environment, a thriving French economy, sought-after expertise in various sectors, and strong awareness in global business communities of the reforms that France has undertaken in recent years.

Key to this success were France’s numerous fundamental strengths: its central location, excellent communication and transport infrastructure, industrial prowess in a wide range of sectors, high productivity, and a well-qualified workforce.

Taken together, these pro-business factors have already inspired a rebound in confidence from business leaders, with the business confidence index rising in November 2017 to its highest level in the last 10 years (OECD, INSEE). Importantly, more than 8 in 10 business leaders believe that the measures being taken by the French government are having a positive impact on France’s attractiveness to business. (Kantar Public/Business France survey)

Selected key figures:

– A 23% year-on-year rise in manufacturing projects of which 16% were from German investors prioritizing France as its number one target for foreign investment in Europe.

– A 9% year-on-year rise in R&D projects, an area dominated by American investors targeting France as a choice location for their innovative operations.

– The United States reclaimed first place among source countries of foreign investment in France while 58% of investment came from European countries.

The report seeks to shed light on the two ways in which the French economy is becoming increasingly globalized and the trade and investment synergies that are fueling business development throughout the country. France’s strategic location makes it a natural export hub for countries throughout Europe and Africa.