a place dedicated to chemical industries
in Grenoble, France

Raw materials & utilites


Originally built for chlorine production, the site takes advantage from an outstanding heritage and now applies advanced technologies, including some which are recognized as exemplary: electrolysis, cogeneration of electricity and steam, chlorination, hydrogenation, nitration, phosgenation, distillation, formulations, polymerization, high-temperature incineration, etc.

The site’s industrial rationale is based on the integration and complementarity of production. This structure has the advantage of optimizing flows of materials from one workshop to another.

Main raw materials :

  • Chlorine, soda, carbon monoxyde, hydrogen, phosgene, toluene, acids (hydrochloric, nitric, sulfuric…), amins, trichloride phosphorus, brine, salt…
  • The site is also connected with ethylene and propylene pipe-lines

Energy resources

  • Electricity (low & high voltage), natural gas 


  • Steam (low & high pressure), water, nitrogen, oxygen